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Exam Information

Date Time Course Professor Room(s) Computer Use
April 28
9 - 12 Evidence Prater 108 Yes-106
9 - 12 Contracts II Mulligan 109 Yes-107
3 - 4 Land Transactions Peck 107  
April 29
9 - 12 Energy Law and Policy Outka 129 Yes-127
9 - 12 Special Topics: Theory and Practice Khoury 201 Yes-203
9 - 12 Capital Punishment Cateforis 106 Yes-108
9 - 12 Taxation of Business Enterprises Dickinson 109 Yes-107
2 - 4 Professional Responsibility Valdez 106 Yes-104
2 - 5 Criminal Procedure Yung 108 Yes-107
April 30
9 - 12:30 Torts Kautsch 107 Yes-104
9 - 1 Torts Westerbeke 108 Yes-106
9 - 12 Mergers and Acquisitions Hecker 201 Yes-203
2 - 5 Real Estate Finance Hickey 108 Yes-107
May 1
9 - 12 Business Associations II Hecker 104,106 No
2 - 5 Federal Criminal Prosecution Stacy 201 Yes-104
2 - 4 Land Transactions Peck 109 Yes-106
2 - 5 Public International Law Head 108 Yes-107
May 2


9 - 12 Complex Litigation Hines 106 Yes-107
9 - 12 Employment Discrimination Schroeder 109 Yes-108
10-12 Introduction to Constitutional Law Levy 104  
10-12 Corporate Finance Harper Ho 203  
2 - 5 Healthcare Financing and Regulation Stevens 109 Yes-107
2 - 5 Banking Law Thomas 108 Yes-106
May 3
9 - 12 Remedies Hines 109 Yes-107
9 - 12 Jurisdiction Sward 108 Yes-106
May 5
9 - 12 Corporate Finance Harper Ho 108 Yes-104
9 - 12 Digital Privacy Kautsch 109 Yes-107
9 - 12 Jurisdiction Sward 203 Yes-106
1 - 3 Workers Compensation Westerbeke 107  
2 - 5 Collective Bargaining and Dispute Resolution Delaney 109 Yes-108
May 6
9 - 12 Introduction to Constitutional Law McAllister 108 Yes-104
9 - 12 Introduction to Constitutional Law Levy 109 Yes-106
9 - 12 Workers Compensation Westerbeke 201 Yes-203
9 - 12 Jurisprudence Stacy 129 Yes-127
9 - 12 Consumer Law Ware 310 Yes-107
2 - 5 Federal Courts and the Federal System Sward 109 Yes-108
2 - 5 Comparative Law Head 104 Yes-107
2 - 5 Mergers and Acquisitions Hecker 201 Yes-203
May 7
9 - 12 Federal Tax Procedure Mazza 203 No
9 - 12 Legislation and Statutory Interpretation Leben 108 Yes-107
9 - 12 Public Lands and Natural Resources Coggins 109 Yes-106
2 - 5 Employment Law Schroeder 108 Yes-107
May 8
9 - 12 Contracts Peck 107 Yes-106
9 - 12 Contracts Lucas 108 Yes-104
9 - 12 Criminal Practice in Kansas Phillips 201 Yes-203
2 - 5 Pension and Employee Benefits Brous 108 Yes-107
May 9
9 - 5 Patent Law Torrance 201 Yes
9 - 12 Commercial Law: Secured Transaction Gilmore Gaughan 106 Yes-104
9 - 12 Commercial Law: Payment Systems Drahozal 109 Yes-107,108
9 - 12 Immigration Law Yuille 129 Yes-127
2 - 4 Construction Law and Litigation Burger 201 Yes-203
2 - 5 Insurance Law All 109 Yes-107
2 - 5 Alternative Dispute Resolution Fairchild 108 Yes-106

Indicates review session

Indicates alternate exam

Final Exam Instructions

If you have questions or experience difficulties with exam software during finals, please visit the Technology office, 306B Green Hall.

Receiving Your Anonymous ID Number (all students)

To receive your Anonymous ID for midterm exams, open https://apps.ku.edu/~kulaw/.
Use your KU Online ID and Password to login.


Your Name and Student ID along with Anonymous ID will be shown. You will use this anonymous ID in all midterm exams this semester.

If you do not wish to take a final on your laptop, you may log out once you have your Anonymous ID. You will need to completely exit your browser to complete the process.

The test schedules are available on the Exam Schedules tab above. (Exam schedules are determined by the instructor.)

Registering to Take Exams (computer users only)

You may take your exam on your laptop only if your instructor allows you to do so. Please bring bluebooks even if you plan on taking the test on a laptop. If your laptop fails in the middle of the exam and the problem cannot be rectified quickly, you will be expected to continue the rest of the exam on a bluebook. Please read through the steps carefully if you plan on taking a final on your laptop.

To take a final on your laptop follow the following steps:

1) Register to take exams on your laptop:

  • Navigate to https://apps.ku.edu/~kulaw/
  • Select your course from the drop down menu.
  • You must register for each exam in which you wish to use laptop. Courses that you have registered are shown on the bottom of the page.
  • Once you have finished registering, exit your browser to complete the process.
  • You may return and edit you courses on this website at any time.

2) Install the Exam4 Software on your laptop:

  • You will need the current version of Exam4. It is available for download here; you may also download it from Exam 4 website.
  • You will need to provide your name and email address and select the version of Exam4 which is compatible with your laptop.
  • Download the installation file on your computer and double click on it to install the new version.

3) Take a practice test on your laptop

Submitting a Practice Exam

Follow these step-by-step instructions to submit a practice exam:

Exam4 instructions

This screen will pop up until you submit a practice test.

Select "Prepare to start new exam". You may see copies of exams from previous semesters listed.

Please use your Anonymous ID in the Exam ID field so it is possible to determine who submitted an exam.

You may choose to have the software countdown your remaining time or alert you when you have a specified amount of time remaining. All choices on this page are entirely optional. The software will not shut down when the timer runs out.

If your computer fails the security check, it will inform you of a violation number to enter on this screen. You should leave this blank by default.

You should submit a practice exam in "CLOSED" mode to ensure your computer passes the security check. You should assume you will take your exam in CLOSED mode unless your instructor tells you otherwise.

In the actual exam, your instructor will tell you when to begin. You should wait at this screen for their instructions.

The security check can take up to several minutes. You can use this time to look over your exam.

Please take a few minutes to become familiar with the software during your practice exam. Exam4 does include a spell checker as well as some basic word processing functions.

Note the meter on top right hand side. Exam4 saves automatically every 10 seconds, and makes an additional separate backup every five minutes. The gray bar increments indicate incremental saves and the green bar indicates time until a backup copy is made. You can also make an extra backup copy at any time using the "Save" menu.

Choose "End Exam" when you are finished. You will be prompted to confirm. Choose "Submit Electronically".

Note:If your progress bar hangs at 99 percent, it is likely that you are not authorized on KU's wireless system. You will need to log in. You can do this while exam 4 is still open if you have a Windows machine by pressing the Windows key (or CTRL + ESC simultaneously), opening a browser, logging into the wireless network and resubmitting. To prevent this from occurring, please make sure you log in to the wireless network before your exam.

Once your practice exam has been successfully submitted, you should see this screen. You do not need to do anything else, your exam has been stored on the server and you should be ready to use the software on final exams.

However, if your computer configuration changes, for example you switch laptops, or you are borrowing a friend's laptop, or you install a new program, you should submit another practice exam.

4) Sign in before the exam:

A sign-in sheet with your name would be in the room where you will take tests on your laptop. It is imperative that you sign by your name if you are taking the test on your laptop. If you change your mind and want to take it on a bluebook please write "using bluebook" by your name. If you do not sign in, we will not expect to receive a final from you. If your final is not submitted correctly, it may not be evident until after you have received your final grade.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I installed Exam4 last semester, do I need to install it again?
Yes. You need to download and install the newest version every semester.

I'm borrowing a laptop and have already submitted a practice exam. Do I need to submit another?
Yes. You should submit another practice exam to make sure the computer you will be using passes the security check.

What happens if my computer crashes?
Exam4 saves a local copy every 10 seconds. Unless your hard drive has completely failed, it is possible to retrieve that backup. We recommend that you bring bluebooks as well so if your machine does fail, you will not loose time.

What should I do if I have problem during the exam?
Option1: You can start writing the rest of the answers on a bluebook. After the exam alert Michael Oehlert or Travis White about the problem. Do not inform your instructor as it will hinder anonymity.

Option 2: Someone will be in room 306B to assist you during exam. Come and have someone take a look at that problem. Your instructor decides whether you get extra time for computer problem. If the problem cannot be resolved in a few minutes we suggest you start writing the rest on a bluebook.

Exam4 Prep Checklist

  • Have you received your anonymous ID?
  • Have you registered for each test on which you plan to use Exam4?
  • Have you downloaded and installed the Summer 2009 version of Exam4?
  • Have you successfully submitted a practice exam?
  • Are you aware of the policies regarding machine failure?
  • Do you have bluebooks ready in case your computer crashes in the middle of an exam?
  • Are you aware that you must sign in before every exam?
  • Are you familiar with the 99% submission error and how to prevent/fix it?

If you can answer affirmatively to the above questions, you should be prepared to use Exam4 for your final exams this semester.

For more information, contact:
Michael Oehlert
306B Green Hall



Melanie Wilson
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Professor of Law

Vicki Palmer

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